Friday, December 6, 2013


With a calm, serene lake in the midst of a beautiful forested area, Singda Dam is something which should not be left out if you are looking for a complete exploration of the natural beauty of Imphal.

If you are planning to visit this famous tourist spot, make the best use of the16 km drive from the capital city, Imphal.

The drive from Imphal to Singda is as beautiful as the destination itself. With verdant paddy fields on both sides of the road and hills surrounding it, and trees occasionally lining up near the roads, you are in for an experience that will last forever.

Pack some food and drinks as the dam is a popular picnic spot. The water of the lake, formed by the dam, is calm and placid and induces a feeling of serenity and peacefulness.Roam around the area and look for the best spot from where you can have the opportunity to get a panoramic view of the surrounding valley.

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