Friday, December 6, 2013


The present state symbol Kanglasha stood in front of the Uttra toward the west, facing west. The Chronicle Cheitharol Khumpapa records the construction of the Kangla Sha in Saka Era 1726 (1804 A.D)

 during the reign of Maharaja Chourjit. The Burmese destroyed the two fabulous statues of the two Kanglasha (Nongsha) again in 1844. But after the British conquest of Manipur on 27 April 1891, the two Nongshas were blow off by the British on Monday the 14th day of ingel (i.e. 20th of July) in 1891.  

This period of Burmese Rule is known as "Chahi Taret Khuntakpa" (Seven Years Devastation) in the annals of Manipur. Gambhir Singh, however, established his capital at Langthabal which is now known as Canchipur. During the reign of Nara Singh, the capital was shifted to 'Kangla' in 1844 

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